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Products and Services

We offer multiple types of services including website and computer repairs. We can also set up your firewall settings, IIS or Apache servers. We also sell all type of server and computer related software with free installation.


We offer 2 types of website services. You can either choose both or one that fits your need the best. We promise full satisfaction guarantee. Our work is time-based and usually gets done before the set time to train users and to test the website.

Contract based or One Time Deal

Contract based service comes with full 1 year website updates that include daily updates, training of staff (if needed) and much more. Get a quote today to find out how much it will cost you to take your business to next level.

One Time Deal service comes with full satisfying website or update of your current website. We build free websites for non-profit organizations. Please feel free to contact us for more information and any question.

Computer Repairs

We offer all kind of computer repairs. Most of the repairs are free of charge, if you buy the replacement part from us. There is a $50 check up diagnostic charge if you wish not to get your computer fixed for any reason.

We sell all kinds of:

  • Laptop and Desktop (For Business and Home use)
  • Hard Drives (Internal or external for laptops and desktop) – Ranging from 2 MB to 2 TB.
  • Servers – Ranging from 500 GB and up
  • Back up Drives (Home or Business Use) – Ranging from 160 GB and up
  • RAM and all type of Processors
  • Extension of RAM and Hard drive for laptop and desktop
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